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Name of Professional Country Academic Level Specializations Previous Tests Publications Profession Prof. Exp View Profile
Prof. Dr. Thomas Jhonston Australia PhD Agriculture & Livestock - Agricultural economics and marketing, Agriculture & Livestock - Livestock production and management, Agriculture & Livestock - Statistical methods for agriculture 20 11 Agricultural consultant 17 Years View Profile
Dr. Ehtsham-ul-Haq Bangladesh PhD Agriculture & Livestock - Plant biochemistry, Agriculture & Livestock - Plant biotechnology, Agriculture & Livestock - Plant physiology 10 8 Agricultural consultant 15 Years View Profile
Dr. Jaleel Ahmed Butt Pakistan PhD Chemistry - Acids, Bases and pH, Chemistry - Electrochemistry, Chemistry - Thermo Chemistry 8 5 Chemical engineer 17 Years View Profile
Aejaz Durrani Pakistan Master Computer Networking - In General, Computer Networking - Routing, Computer Networking - Switching 6 1 Computer engineer 10 Years View Profile
Dr. Ahmed Abu Bilal PhD Morocco PhD Biological Interface Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering 12 5 Biomedical Engineer 22 Years View Profile
Abdul Basit Pakistan BSc Math - Calculus and analysis, Math - Algebra, Math - Geometry and topology 14 0 Teacher (Higher secondary) 3 Years View Profile
Jasmin Rosset Romania Bachelor Engineering - Health Systems (Health Systems Engineering), Engineering - Health Care (Health Care Engineering), Abstract Reasoning 16 13 Health care engineer 15 Years View Profile
Rose Mary Albania Master Sociology - Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity, Sociology - Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Sociology - Cults, Clans, and Communities 11 7 Researcher in humanities 8 Years View Profile
Jamal Abdel Nasir Egypt Master Law, Law & Legal Aid 3 5 Legal executive 11 Years View Profile
Aluchia Di Martino Italy Master Military Technology - Electronic Warfare Systems, Military Technology - Military Communications, Military Technology - Systems Integration 21 9 Combat systems engineer 19 Years View Profile
Agha Zaman Pakistan Bachelor Business Administration, Business Analysis, Business Support and Administrative Services 0 0 Business analyst 6 Years View Profile
Andrea Macedo UAE Master Project Planning, Project Management, Program Management 20 3 Planning Manager 15 Years View Profile

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