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Name of Researcher Country Academic Level of Test Maker Fields of Research No. Of Publications Languages Proficiency Previous Tests Prof. Exp View Profile
Farrukh Jan Ahmed Nicaragua Master Academics, Academic Aptitude, Academic Testing 6 English 6 10 Years View Profile
Dr Abdullah Maliki Indonesia PhD Business Analysis, Business Policies, Business Proposals 34 Indonesian, English 37 29 Years View Profile
Dane Spencer USA Master Chemistry - Acids, Bases and pH, Chemistry - Chemical Bonding, Chemistry - Electrochemistry 9 English 16 13 Years View Profile
Dr. Andrew Jhonson Jr. PhD Australia Bachelor Ocean Science, Naval Oceanography, Physics in Oceanography 11 English 24 22 Years View Profile
Daniel Dargen Ukraine M Phil Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks 6 English 13 11 Years View Profile
Jose Santiago Spain Master Medical Sciences - Pharmaceutical Science, Medical Sciences - Pharmacology, Medical Sciences - Pharmacovigilance 8 Spanish, English 5 7 Years View Profile
David Smith UAE PhD Geology, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Geological Data Analysis 13 English 24 20 Years View Profile
Anna Balingit UAE PhD, In Progress Geology, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Ground Water Research Analysis 5 English, Dutch 6 8 Years View Profile

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