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Exam Code PMI-PMP Exam Title PMI Certified Project Management Professional
Exam Agency PMI (Project Management Institute), Princeton, NJ Country United States
Exam Type Professional Tests (Other than medical) Exam Sub Type Program Management
No. of Questions (In Actual Exam) 200 Type of Questions Objective
Time Allowed (In Actual Exam) 240 minutes Passing Pescentage 67 %
Language English Credits Required Depends on number of questions selected
Introduction PMP is a global certification of project managers that is issued by PMI (Project Management Institute, USA) and recognized & accepted worldwide. As a PMP, you can work in virtually any industry. Among survey respondents to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, those with a PMP certification get a higher salary (23% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification. During the testing process to become a PMP, knowledge of an examinee is tested in 13 different subjects that are known as “Knowledge Areas”. This practice test is also designed in a similar way. If you intend to test your knowledge in a particular knowledge area, please visit Practice Tests page and select any knowledge area you wish to test your knowledge in. To maintain your PMP certification, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years. Examinations Hub repository (database) has about 1600 questions in PMP practice exam category. This is 8 times more than the number of questions in actual exam. When you practice with our PMP mock-up examination, you are actually practicing with a realistic practice exam. The questions are based on PMBOK 6th Edition. More than 95% of the candidates who took our PMP mock-up examination, passed PMP examination in first attempt.

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